Who Am I


Hi, thanks for visiting my website.

I live near Seattle and can be reached by phone; web conferencing or email. I have 10+ years in web development industry, mostly as a software contractor for The Boeing Company and Microsoft but now I’m a freelancer.

I’m actively looking for freelance jobs that align well with my passions. I’m passionated about the css framework Bootstrap, php framework Laravel, WordPress, Mysql and building responsive websites that function well on both desktop and mobile devices.



  • 3 years of php development experience.
  • 7 years of .Net development experience.
  • 13 years of SQL Database experience.
  • 13 years of Web development experience.
  • 20 years of software development experience.
  • 12 years of Engineering experience.

Design Layer Intermediate
Front End {View} (Skills: HTML, css, sass, blade, jquery, bootstrap, Laravel Blade, WordPress) Intermediate
Middle Layer {Controller}(Skills: php, Laravel, WordPress) Strong
Data Layer {Model}(Skills: MS SQL, MySQL, Laravel Eloquent, WordPress) Strong


Are you ready to hire an experienced web developer? That's great! I look forward to hearing from you.

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